Carol Norrie

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I bring to my clients a wealth of life experience as both a mother and grandmother, and an experienced, warm and empathic counsellor who has walked alongside many adults and adolescents struggling with the painful and debilitating effects of trauma, abuse, anxiety, panic disorder, and depression. We all carry our own history and as a compassionate therapist I understand that our struggles in life are all unique.

In my personal life I love spending time with my family, friends, and being a grandmother to my 4 very special grandchildren. I also love beach time with my rather huge Newfoundland dogs,
breeding monarch butterflies, the theatre, traveling, nature, pilates and meditation.

Counselling & Therapy
I offer affordable counselling, both long and short term depending on the issues you would like to bring to therapy. Although I am trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, I often draw from other therapeutic approaches such as CBT, DBT, Sandplay Therapy, and Mindfulness meditation for added support in the process of healing.


  • Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy (AUT)
  • Certificate in Complex Trauma Studies (WELTEC)
  • Bachelor of Arts – Philosophy & Ethical Studies (UOA)

Professional Membership

  • Provisional Member Registered with New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC)
  • MemberPADA – Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aoteroa

Areas of Practice

  • Postnatal & Antenatal Depression & Anxiety  (Stress & Motherhood )
  • Trauma  (Psychological & Physical)
  • Childhood Trauma  (The life long effects)
  • Anxiety & Panic Disorder
  • Depression  (Feelings of helplessness and despair )
  • Life Transition  (Coping With Change )
  • Suicidal Thoughts & Self Harm
  • Stress & its many causes
  • Self Esteem Issues  (Feelings of being shut down & under valued as a person)
  • Loss Of A Treasured Pet

Area of Special Interest

Transitioning into parenthood can be a confusing time as parents grapple with both the immense joy of a new baby, but also the stressful and daunting challenges that often accompany this special time in their lives. Sometimes the task of being a new mother becomes so overwhelming that just getting through a single day is a struggle. Talking about your feelings to other people is often met with comments such as ‘it’s all part of motherhood’ or ‘it’s just your hormones’ or ‘things will get better soon’. Unfortunately for many women this is not the case and help and support are needed for healing. As your therapist I can provide that support in a warm and safe environment where together we can explore your challenges and work to make positive and healing changes.

‘I’m not ok, I’m just good at pretending I am’

    • Postnatal Depression and Anxiety – Over the years I have developed a special interest in working with women who have suffered from both ante-natal and post-natal depression. Transitioning into parenthood can be a challenging and sometimes stressful time for both mother and partner. Pregnancy can be one of the happiest times in a woman’s life, however it can also play havoc with hormones. The combination of both biological and emotional change can present challenges that often lead to anxiety and depression. Post-natal depression (PND) is the most common and serious disorder of the first year after childbirth. Mothers can often feel tearful, overwhelmed, moody, constantly tired, worried and struggle just to cope both physically and emotionally from day to day life.


    • Antenatal Depression and Anxiety – Prenatal depression is a form of depression that can affect a woman during pregnancy and can often be a precursor to PND if not treated. It is estimated that 7% – 20% of women are affected by this condition. Prenatal depression can have many negative effects on a woman and her developing fetus. Risk factors include unplanned pregnancies, a history of abuse, prior fertility difficulties that caused anxiety, and economic and family situations. What to do if you believe you are suffering from any of the above conditions, and would like me to work with you in a safe and non-judgemental environment.


    • Anxiety Disorder – The thief of presence and joy ( Dr. Helen Odessky ): There are not many physical and emotional feelings that are more fierce and debilitating than those of anxiety. Only those of us who have suffered from anxiety know this for sure. Anxiety is the thief of life and joy. Those that suffer from anxiety experience non-specific persistent fear and worry becoming overly concerned about everyday matters. The symptoms of anxiety can be numerous such as restlessness and uneasiness, difficulty concentrating, tiredness, muscle tension and sleeping problems. Some find it difficult to make daily decisions or remember commitments due to a preoccupation with worry. Anxiety disorder is debilitating and can be a serious disorder.


What to do if you believe you are suffering from any of the above conditions, and would like me to work with you in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Contact me either by phone or email and we can make a time to meet together.